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Draft for the PJO adaptation pacing (HoO included, ToA excluded)

Hi guys. English is not my native tongue, so excuse me if I have any grammatical mistake. I don't really know if anyone has done this before but here I go. Even since the D+ series was first announced I've been thinking of how the pacing of the series could look like, and started doing a little draft on it. I started creating a 10epx18season (divided between 5 series) plan including PJO, HoO, ToA, and the Kanes and Magnus' trilogies (involving some crossovers and other shenanigans) , but I didn't really had that great of a knowledge on the ToA since I haven't re-read them on the same amount as the previous ones, so I got stuck at the end of blood of Olympus. And recently since the announcement of the Netflix's CoK adaptation I thought it'll be better to leave it this way for now. I showed it to a friend at work recently and she told me i should better post it here since I could get a little help finishing it and creating a neat discussion on the topic, so here am I. Please tell me if you think I committed any error along the way, or if you see any miss opportunity I didn't. And if you have a better knowledge on the ToA so far and wanna contribute I would be very happy. I think this would be a fun way to entertain ourselves till we get a more concrete info on any of the adaptations.
TL;DR: Here's a little draft on how I think the pacing of the PJO adaption should look like. Feel free to add or change anything you think would contribute. Entertaining purposes only.
PJO Season 1: Ep1: beginning till percy went off after killing minotaur Ep2:percy at camp till Poseidon claims him Ep3: up till encountering medusa Ep4: defeating medusa till saint Louis arch (medea's lion cameo) Ep5: ares Ep6: lotus casino (cameo of bianca/nico?) and LA adventure Ep7: hades pt1 (up till arriving at hades castle) Ep8: hades pt2 Ep9: battle against ares Ep10: Olympus and end of the book
PJO Season 2: Ep1: up till the taxi Ep2: vs colquides bulls Ep3:the race up till hermes Ep4: princess andromeda and hydra Ep5: escila and caribdis (navigating to the sea of monsters) Ep6: circe and the sirens Ep7: polyphemus pt1 (up till the start of the battle) Ep8: polyphemus pt2 Ep9: princess andromeda pt2 Ep10: thalia returns
PJO Season 3: Ep1: up till annabeth falls Ep2: Artemis and apollo Ep3: capture the flag Ep4: the museum and new Mexico Ep5: the dessert and the dam Ep6: San fransisco and annabeth's dad Ep7: tamalpais mount pt 1 (climbing up the mountain) Ep8: tamalpais mount pt 2 Ep9: winter solstice Ep10: Nico runs away
PJO Season 4: Ep1: R.E.D and coming back to camp Ep2: falling into the labyrinth and prophecy Ep3: first run into the labyrinth and Alcatraz Ep4: ranch and arriving at hephaestus Ep5: saint Helens Ep6: calypso Ep7: R.E.D and pan Ep8: mount tamalpais and daedalus workshop Ep9: the battle of the labyrinth Ep10: it's that blue birthday cake?
PJO Season 5: Ep1: Charles Ep2: the great prophecy Ep3: a mother's blessing (Luke's mom and hestia) Ep4: achilles curse (grover and Achilles) Ep5: the city that felt asleep Ep6: the two rivers (defending Manhattan day 1) Ep7: hope (defending Manhattan day 2) Ep8: silena Ep9: the cursed knife Ep10: the new great prophecy (hinting at the Roman side?)
PJO Season 6: the lost hero Ep1: up till arriving at camp halfblood Ep2: festus (getting claim and leo discovering bunker 9) Ep3: Montreal Ep4: Chicago (medea and hephaestus. Up till leo wakes falling from the sky) Ep5: midas (up till thalia arriving) Ep6: eolo (up till falling from eolo's palace) Ep7: mount diablo Ep 8: the wolf's house pt1 Ep9: the wolf's house pt 2 (up till Jason's death) Ep10: Shenanigans (New Rome's/Camp Jupiter's cameo at the end)
PJO Season 7: the son of Neptune Ep1: little tiber (up till Juno leaving) Ep2: camp Jupiter (up till hazel presenting nico to percy) Ep3: the war games (up till dakota's resurrection) Ep4: the mission (up till percy drinking the blood) Ep5: Amazons (up till Iris's shop) Ep6: the Zhang legacy (up till arriving at alaska) Ep7: Alaska Ep8: the eagle Ep9: the battle of fortuna Ep10: praetor
PJO Season 8: mark of athena Ep1: Greeks and Romans (up till the 7 running away) Ep2: stuff that happens in west US(up till battle in topeka) Ep3: Ghosts and Atlanta Ep4: Afrodita and sailing to rome Ep5: the past (up to leaving the fish centaurs) Ep6: Hercules and arriving at Rome Ep7: rome and separation Ep8: the twin giants Ep9: the mark of athena Ep10: the fall
PJO season 9: House of Hades Ep1: Hecate Ep2: bolognia Ep3: venice and sciron Ep3: croatia and chione Ep4: ogygia and reunion Ep5: tartarus pt1 (in this version, we don't know of percy and annabeth till this chapter) up till damasen Ep7: tartarus pt2 (up till arriving at the doors) Ep8: the house of hades (up till circe and the new labyrinth) Ep9: the house of hades pt2 Ep10: reyna nico and hedge go to deliver athena parthenos
PJO Season 10: Blood of Olympus Ep1: Ithaca and Pompei Ep2: Olympia and Lycaon Ep3: Pylos, and Sparta Ep4: San Juan and Kymopoleia Ep5: Delos and South Carolina Ep6: Asclepious and arriving at long island Ep7: Athens and Start of battle in camp half-blood Ep8: Leaving Athens and Reyna arrives with the statue Ep9: Final battle against Gaia Ep10: The aftermath and leo at the end
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Veterans in early stages of idea to convert ARCO building to a veterans center

Members of VFW post 1186 revealed publicly this week that they're making inquiries into using the Arco building as a regional center to provide veteran services. Though in it's infancy, it's the only idea I've heard at all for putting the building to use, and the issues with the building itself will probably require a federal grant to get it occupied.
From the Chronicle: "On a related topic, both Harlin and Collier revealed preliminary plans to locate more Veterans Administration resources to Independence. They said they have been in early consultation with local, state and federal officials about their prospects of acquiring the former Arco Pipeline Company building and converting it into an office complex for veterans’ services. This would include a casino gambling facility located on the top floor, where proceeds would be funneled into veterans’ programs and services, such as health care.Currently in Kansas, VFW posts are limited on how they can raise money through games of chance. Bingo games are permitted on VFW Post properties; however, ex-tended casino games, such as slot machines or card tables, are not allowed.“This will take a change in state law to allow casino gambling in VFW properties across the state, but if it happens, it will significantly change the amount of dollars that go toward veterans’ services and benefits,” Collier said.Additionally, a converted Arco building would allow for expanded health 5 dcare and housing opportunities for veterans.“Right now, we’re seeing so many veterans not able to get their VA health benefits because of the distance between their homes and the VA facilities in Wichita or Topeka,” said Harlin. “What we would like to see is a chance to change that situation, so that health care is provided to veterans who reside in rural Kansas.”
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WWE Network Updates: 11/06/2017

The following shows have been added to the WWE Network today:

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The big weekend event listing: Oct. 5th - 8th

Here's a big list I've compiled of many of this weekends upcoming events. Feel free to post anything I've missed and I can add it in. Some events have additional links and info added if relevant.

PS: After working on this for well over an hour, what with formatting being a PITA and looking all these up I see another post in video form..
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Wichita Eagle–and other local news–not reporting story to protect bottom line

Throwaway account for protection. Never met the guy. Worked in one of his establishments for over a year, left on good terms and have no personal ax to grind. I'm not completely familiar with Reddit's policy on personal identifying information so I'm not going to name anyone in this post. Those facts are a matter of public, and legal, record. See the link.
On September 19, 2015 one of Wichita's most prominent business leaders was cited for lewd or lascivious conduct and public nudity in old town by Wichita police. A 26 year old woman, who was not his wife, was also cited. (Arrested? Unclear.)
As of today, Dec. 14, 2015, I have been unable to find any local news reports of this incident except for this Topeka Capitol-Journal blog post from Oct. 1, 2015. Kansas casino bidder ####### ###### busted for public nudity
In case the link gets taken out: Google's cached version
I've got a couple problems with this. First of all, this guy spends hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of dollars each year with local TV, radio and newspaper advertisers. I've heard from reputable insiders that advertising revenue from his multiple businesses keep the Wichita Eagle the black.
Let's not bullshit here. If this was a local politician, religious leader or prominent businessman (with a smaller ad budget) it would have been reported. Front page news? Maybe, maybe not. But it would have been reported and it would have been given the opportunity to be dissected and discussed on social media as any sexual scandal in this day and age is. For better or worse, the media loves a juicy story like this. We all know it. Yet. Crickets in ICT.
Shame on the Wichita Eagle for this obvious hush-up. Shame on the good editors and journalists among them who sit silently and let their publishers call the shots.
My other problem is that this guy wears his his Christian ideology on his sleeve. I have no problem with that in itself. God bless. I do have a problem with mandatory company meetings where the Bible is quoted endlessly. I do have a problem with being publicly asked by management to donate money from my paycheck to support their religious causes. I do have a problem with using the name of God to close a sale. I've seen all of this, and more, firsthand.
I also know damn well that if my name were in the paper for getting busted in old town with my pants around ankles I would have been fired the next day, because, 'this is a Christian business'.
Hear me out. I'm not into public shaming anyone. We all make mistakes. We don't know the complete facts and never will. His crimes could have been anything from getting a handy in a parked car to fully exposed 69-analingus in the middle of the intersection. In some respects I feel like saying, 'good for him'. It's reassuring to my own beliefs that he really doesn't believe the crap he promotes to his employees and business associates.
Do not fear for his mortal soul. His God is a forgiving God. His wife and children are another matter. I feel bad for them. It sucks that they must carry the shame of his actions. That said, his family, his piety and his wealth do not excuse him from the full public accounting he is due.
Exposing this public figure is a job for local media, not some schmuck on Reddit like me!
EDIT: 'shame of his actions' not 'shame of actions'
EDIT/UPDATE: According to this Morning Sun report, he and his accomplice were indeed arrested.
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The big weekend event listing: Oct. 19th through 22nd.

Here's a big list I've compiled of many of this weekends upcoming events. It looks like we are going to have a rainy Saturday and cooler temps. Feel free to post anything I've missed so I can add it in. Some events have additional links and info added if relevant. Don't forget to check back often for added events!
Several events carry over multiple days, but are only listed on their start date.
(I will add to this in the evenings once a day instead of throughout the day)
Friday, OCT. 20th:
  • 20, OCT through 21, OCT - Forest Park Presents Haunted Woods (8pm - 11pm)
    Tickets: Prices vary
    3158 SE 10th - near the I-70 and Deer Creek exit.
    Map here
  • 20,OCT - Prairie Band Casino & Resort Friday Fun Night Test N Tune (5:30pm - 9pm)
    Tickets: Check website
    Heartland Park Topeka, 7530 SW Topeka Blvd
    More info here
  • 20, OCT & 21, OCT - Dial M for Murder (8pm both nights)
    Tickets: $30.50 and up.
    3028 SW 8th Avenue at Topeka Civic Theatre
    Ticket info here
  • OCT, 20 & Oct, 21- Project Terror: Cirque Du Scream (7pm - Midnight both nights)
    Tickets: $15 per person
    700 SW Zoo Parkway, In Gage park at the Helen Hocker Theatre.
    More info here
  • 20,OCT - 22,OCT - 2017 DirtFish SCCA RallyCross National Championship (Check website)
    Tickets: Cannot find pricing information, check website or call
    Heartland Park Topeka, 7530 SW Topeka Blvd
    More info here
Saturday, OCT. 21st:
  • OCT, 21 - Boo at the Zoo (9am - 3pm)
    Tickets: Adults $5.75| Seniors (age 65+): $4.75| Children (ages 3-12): $4.25| Children 2 and under: Free
    635 SW Gage Boulevard, The Topeka Zoo in Gage Park.
    More info here
  • 21,OCT & 22,OCT - Mother Earth News Fair (Sat: 9-6 | Sun: 9-5)
    Tickets: $15 and up
    Topeka Expocenter
    More info here
  • 21,OCT - Washburn football & Homecoming (Multiple events)
    Parade: 10am on 17th in front of W.U.
    Game: 1pm kick off at Yager Stadium at Moore Bowl
    Tickets: Varies per event, check website for details.
    1700 SW College Ave.
    More info here
  • 21,OCT - Octoberfest @ the Lazy Toad (6pm - 2am)
    Tickets: Free entry / Adults only
    5331 SW 22nd Pl, Ste 2
  • 21,OCT - Karl Performance ET Bracket Points Race & All Access Challenge (Gates open 9am)
    Tickets: Check website for info
    Heartland Park Topeka, 7530 SW Topeka Blvd
    More info here
Sunday, OCT. 22nd:
  • 22nd, OCT - Voiceless, the staged reading of an original new comedy (2pm - 5pm)
    Tickets: I cannot find pricing information
    Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy, 3028 SW 8th Ave
    More info here
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Trump's action of pulling of our country from the 'Paris climate Accord' was nothing but to fool his ignorant base that he really cared for them which in his heart he knows he doesn't.

One of the most horrendous decisions that any of the heads of state of this world ever taken is the very irresponsible act that directly threatens our existence with the prospect of the extinction of our human race that our the most irresponsible president Trump took yesterday on the advice of our stupid E.P.A. Chief Scott Pruitt.
This action of Trump was totally unthinkable even 4 months back but now he made it a reality.
Trump took this action yesterday in front of his stupid cabinet members on the front lawns of the White House saying he was pulling our country from The Paris Climate Accord signed by Obama in 2015 along with 195 countries of this world because they cared for this world and wanted to save it from the looming destruction because of the effects from the Green House gases and also from the effects of the global warming which already is melting all the ice caps in the Antarctica and other polar areas and threatening to flood our coastal cities like Miami in the very near future.
With this very isolationist policy that he signed on yesterday, Trump is literally dragging us towards our earth's doomsday because the ozone layers which are already of the sizes of huge football fields on top of our atmosphere will increase to a small nation's size and slowly take over the skies of the size of a continent only because of this emissions from the fossil fuel burning and release of other gases as per the findings of most of the Climate scientists in this world.
But since Trump won the last election fraudulently with the most votes from his uneducated and under educated supporters who have no knowledge about what climate change means for our earth since most of them dropped out from their high schools before they could learn something knowledgeable that we learnt in our colleges, we can start saying goodbye to our beautiful world only because of our stupid president's actions which is just trying to please his ignorant base.
But what Trump's ignorant supporters are not realizing is that their messiah is not bringing his share of the jobs back to America which he's touting by saying .''I care more for Pittsburgh than Paris.''
By signing one contract after another since he became the president through his two adult sons who're always outside this country especially in the South American countries,Trump is literally creating millions of jobs in the countries like Brazil and Ecuador than in Pittsburgh,PA.
All the soon to be completed Hotels and Casino resorts that his sons are building with the collaborations of their foreign partners are going to be built in Rio de Janeirio,in Brazil and Manila of Philippines and definitely not in Topeka,Kansas or Louisville, KY.
That is the reason why I'd strongly advice the brainwashed and totally defrauded voters of Trump is to educate themselves like we the Democrats already know that their fake leader who's nothing but a con man and a snake oil salesman doesn't really care for them.
Because if he really wanted to help his unemployed followers he could easily care less about the higher payrolls in this country compared to China and Bangladesh et Al,and start building new Hotels,Casinos and other hundreds of manufacturing units in this country that he already built and still maintaining in poorer countries where he pays those slave labors a dime a minute.
So all his actions yesterday of puling us from the historic 'Paris climate Accord' is nothing but a hoax created just to fool his followers one more time since the last election day.
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What 10-man team of Rainbow Six characters would last longest in a real world hostage situation?

The Rainbow Six characters can be fielded from any game, movie or novel in the Rainbow Six Universe. The characters' feats are determined by lore with gameplay aspects if they come from a game. For example: Tachanka has experience in Spetsnaz, as well as 2 wall reinforcements and his RP-47 while Ding would have his feats from the novel and his movies, but no reinforcements.
Characters have their standard loadouts, are in-character, and have a month of prep to get equipment that isn't part of their standard loadout. Characters chosen don't have to be a part of Rainbow (Popov, Worldpark Centurion, Sean Grady).
R1: Team Rainbow occupies a supermarket. They have taken a congressman hostage and demand lots of money.
R2: Team Rainbow has a Waco-style compound in the middle of Kansas, but they need to kidnap a congressman from his car in Topeka and transport him 20 miles to the compound.
Bonus Round: What Rainbow combination would do best in a Ocean's 11-style Casino Heist?
Inspiration from KaylasDream
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Prairie Band Casino 411intopeka - YouTube Hot in topeka Prairie Band Casino Commercial HOTELVIDEOSHOWCASE - YouTube Riding the Flint Hills Topeka Carousel - YouTube

Yes, of course! To play Online Casino games for real money you will need to sign up for a Casino Topeka Kansas account. Registering for an account on PlayNow is safe, secure and easy. Once your account is set up, you can place bets with Online Casino games just like in a real casino. Let the fun begin! Bonus Spins will Topeka Casino be issued per member upon first qualifying deopsit, to be used on Starburst slot only. You will get the 25 bonus spins only if you deposit £25 or more. The maximum Bonus available to you will Topeka Casino be the equivalent to 100% of your deposit amount and no more than £50.In order to receive the Offer, Topeka Casino you will Topeka Casino be required to ... Barry Greenstein, apparently topeka casino making an attempt to propagate a brand new poker catch phrase on this season's "High Stakes Poker," in line with this interview with the present's co-host, A.J. Players can have a larger probability for profitable actual massive cash utilizing free slot video games. If something, your inning probabilities would look… Although as ever, your ... Dieses Hotel mit 3,5 Sternen bietet Ihnen einen angenehmen Aufenthalt in Mayetta. Freuen Sie sich auf inbegriffenes Frühstück, kostenloses WLAN und kostenlose Parkplätze. Die Gäste loben das hilfsbereite Personal in unseren Bewertungen. Entdecken Sie echte Gästebewertungen für Prairie Band Casino & Resort sowie aktuelle Preise und Verfügbarkeit – jetzt buchen! Casino in Topeka, IN. About Search Results. About Search Results. YP - The Real Yellow Pages SM - helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs. Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow ... Prairie Band Casino & Resort. Just North of Topeka, Kansas. Featuring Endless Gaming, #1 Golf Course in Kansas, Gourmet Restaurants & Top Entertainment. List of Best Casinos Near Topeka, KS. URComped casino hosts negotiate special offers, VIP events and comps at casinos near Topeka, KS Casino Topeka Kansas, poker yna, vu an casino campuchia, casino near wellston ok. Free Spins. permanent Wager: 60x Min deposit: £15 Max cashout: £1000. Visit casino -0. Percentage. 100%. TonyBet Casino - Welcome Bonus 200%. 24/7 Live Support ; Live Casino Games ... Casinos in Topeka on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Casinos in Topeka, KS. Browse ... Wms Gaming Inc Harrah's Casino. Casinos. 14. YEARS IN BUSINESS (785) 966-2374. 12300 150th Rd. Mayetta, KS 66509. 4. Prairie Band One Stop. Casinos (1) 7. YEARS IN BUSINESS. Website (785) 364-2463. 19075 Us Highway 75 . Holton, KS 66436. This store is awesome ... Prairie Band Casino & Resort 12305 150th Road Mayetta, KS 66509. General: (785) 966-7777 Toll Free: (888) PBP-4WIN Sales: (785) 966-7742

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Prairie Band Casino

Dick Hassur talks about the history of slot machines at Shawnee Country Club and Topeka Country Club and the difference between the two clubs during the 1960's. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hotel Video Showcase, division of Golfing Country tv travels internationally and nationally producing videos of travel destinations and features hotels of di... A delightful 1908 Herschell Spillman carousel as seen from the rider's point of view! Prairie Band Casino & Resort gives you more ways to play and more reasons to stay! Terrific gaming, three great restaurants, fabulous new golf course - and wonderful accommodations. Go for it! Casino in Mayetta, KS just outside Topeka. Four Winds Casino "All Four You" commercial for Four Winds Casino - Duration: 0:31. Four Winds Casino Resort – New Buffalo Recommended for you Skip navigation Sign in. Search Winter Night Jazz Music - Stress relief - Relaxing Cafe Jazz Music For Sleep, Work, Study - Duration: 6:01:28. Cafe Music BGM channel Recommended for you Owned by the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, the Prairie Band Casino and Resort is located just 15 minutes north of Topeka, Kansas. Now Back to you, Sea Biscuit! This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue